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Horses are majestic creatures that have been a part of man’s life for centuries. Horses were primarily used for the transportation of people and to cart goods and equipment. Today, horses are kept for racing, showing, competition, sport, breeding, recreation, and work. No matter what your reason for owning a horse, we here at Just Say Whoa Horsemanship are here to help you understand and cultivate a trusting and respectful relationship with your horse.

To become a great horseman/woman one must practice the art of horsemanship. Horsemanship is the skill in handling and riding horses. As we saw a need to help both horses and humans develop a mutual trust and respectful relationship, Just Say Whoa Horsemanship started running clinics and workshops. This grew to offer horse riding consultations, training yourself on better horsemanship, and online horse training courses.

Red and Jo McConnel, the owners of Just Say Whoa Horsemanship, are passionate about their horses and even more passionate educating riders. They believe in a “whole horse” approach where they not only train you how to ride your horse but also how to keep them in good health. This includes horse care, chiropractic health, muscle work, rehabilitation, and holistic housing.

Just Say Whoa Horsemanship also offer a special membership package which includes ongoing support and live Q & A sessions plus much, much more. They have also set up a special kids club called “Vegemite Vaqueros” which offer a whole host of freebies for the kids to learn all about horses and horse riding. Feel free to check us out on our Facebook Page or our YouTube Channel where we offer free tips and advice on building a better relationship with your horse.

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Just Say Whoa Horsemanship is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing leaders in horsemanship who make a difference in the horsing community.

  • International learning – our students come from across the globe

  • Holistic courses – we encourage “whole horse health”

  • People and horses – education for people and horses

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our online courses may be right up your street.


We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and our horsemanship so that we can positively impact the lives and experiences of every horse and human we come into contact with!

Education both horses and humans alike so that they create wonderful experiences together and live a prosperous life together. It has been said that to be a great teacher you must first be a great student. This is a philosophy that is lived by Red and Jo, both great students of horsemanship and performance themselves, they know the value of continual development.

At Just Say Whoa Horsemanship is committed to bringing horse and humans together harmoniously. We are continuously mastering new techniques and aim to help you and your horse in any given situation. As a regular part of the Just Say Whoa program, other professional practitioners are brought in on a consultancy basis to further enhance the progress and performance of the individual horses involved in their training.

We see a world where the traditional balance between horse and man is maintained, where educated people are enjoying educating their horses, and where people and animals are protected from the pressures of our egos.
We carry out our roles as Trainers and Educators with integrity, empathy and humility, toward both horses and riders, always remaining mindful that each of us is on a journey of our own.We keep in front of us at all times, the values of integrity, mindfulness, empathy, humility and sharing, to use as a compass on our journey through life!




Jo and Red offer a very welcoming, nonjudgemental and generous environment for learning and improving your riding, horsemanship, and partnership with your horse. They easily adapt their delivery to suit all ages, gender, breeds, and disciplines. The knowledge they have to offer goes far beyond the surface of riding and they are willing to share that with their clients. My horse and I have improved in leaps and bounds as a client and clinic participant over the last couple of months. If you feel you need some help to take the next step in your horsemanship adventure, then do yourself and your horse a huge favour that you won’t regret, contact JSWH for some one on one training or attend a clinic. Don’t waste any time this valuable resourceful couple have big plans.

Linda Browning
A big thanks to Red and Jo for helping me become more confident in horses and most importantly for doing a magnificent job on my 3-year-old mare! I don’t think I would be this confident around her without you guys! Use have done a truly amazing job with her and I’m so grateful!

The love and care these guys put into my little filly breaking her in was greatly appreciated. It’s a rare thing in this world to find such genuine people who do what they love and love what they do. I can’t speak highly enough of Red & Jo and highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much. You guys ROCK xxx


Jo and Red provide a fantastic facility and insightful tuition to get the best out of you and your horse. As a beginner rider the difference in my thoroughbred mare just during the two day workshop was amazing! She became a totally different horse on the ground and under saddle and I learned how to work with her and be a better rider. Thanks!

Jo and Red are very passionate and knowledgeable about horses. They are very supportive and make you feel welcome. I like their honesty and willingness to assist when they can. Would recommend them to anyone seeking advice and assistance with their horses.

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